Universitas Diponegoro Student Chapter of AAPG is one of student chapter in Indonesia that concern in petroleum. Relatively, our student chapter has short history, but has robust activities and awards. Espescially in 2009 and 2013 period, our student chapter awarded as Outstanding Student Chapter and Honorable Mention Student Chapter. It means that AAPG state that our student chapter as one of the best student chapter. Undip SC of AAPG created when a group of Undip geological engineering students leaded by Mr. Yudiyoko Ega Sugiharto want to establish a student organization which concerns in petroleum in order to gather and accommodate the brilliant ideas from Undip students. Therefore, they struggled to change this organization into American Association of Petroleum Geologists Student Chapter. Finally, on September 2006 this student chapter legitimately established with the name ― AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF PETROLEUM GEOLOGISTS DIPONEGORO UNIVERSITY STUDENT CHAPTER with Mr. Yudiyoko Ega Sugiharto as the first president.